Nir Saar


Nir is an experienced practitioner which uses different styles of acupuncture to support you in achieving your Health Goals, experiencing a Stress Free Body and a Sense of Well Being.

Nir practices from Kitchener and Stratford Ontario, he enjoys supporting his patients in treating Pain and various Structural Conditions as well as certain Women’s Health conditions (Hormonal Issues, Menopause symptoms, Insomnia…) and certain Men’s Health Conditions (Prostate, High Blood Pressure, Lower Back Pain…).

Nir finds that Acupuncture is very good in creating a sense of Vitality in your body and can be very beneficial for certain Chronic Health Conditions (Diabetes, Digestive Issues and High Blood Pressure) and can benefit Structural Imbalances, Reduce Pain and Inflammation and Increase Mobility.

When receiving an acupuncture treatment it is very common to feel a Sense of Peace and Calmness. When you feel calm it is easier for your body to go into ‘Healing Mode’, Release and create lasting changes promoting Health, Vitality and benefit Structural Alignment.


phone. (226) 979-0080